Wanda is an Austrian indie pop band.

The band was founded in Vienna in 2012. Their debut album Amore was released in October 2014 at "Problembär Records" and debuted at number 13 on the Austrian Albums Chart on October 31, 2014. Their single Bologna (which features that Italian city) was released in early 2015 and peaked at number 42 on April 10, 2015. Wanda's first tour took place in late 2014 and the band is starting a second one in February 2015, with locations in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland (i.e. the German Sprachraum). On October 2, 2015 their second album Bussi was released. They made a deal with Universal Music Germany.

Their indie pop style is influenced by rock 'n' roll, as well as Austropop (Austrian singer-songwriters). They label their music as "pop music with 'Amore'". Their songs are sung in German, with a more or less strongly noticeable Viennese dialect.