1) Deathcore/mathcore band from Ukraine
2) Hardcore 90's from USA


«- Знаешь, что представляешь, когда слушаешь Dysphoria?
- Убийство?
- Как здоровенные яйца врезаются в планету, а потом выезжают краны, у которых на цепи здоровая гантель, которая разрушает дома, только вместо гантели огромные яйца, и они под кач медленно раскачиваются)» © Nekich

Пять лет назад они высмеивали клише deathcore-сцены, а теперь сами увязли в убермедленных прокачах, заразившись маткоровой эпилепсией под соусом сверхбрутального вокала.

Родившиеся в 2010 как стеб-проект, киевляне Dysphoria набрали нешуточные обороты, сплавив в своем стиле deathcore и mathcore.
На счету у группы три альбома — Satyriasis XXI (2010), To The Perfect Form Of Modern Species (2012) и новейший The Apogee (2014), а также два клипа на песни War Precursor и Such a Beautiful Failure.
В поддержку своих релизов группа откатала три СНГ тура — Satyriasis XXI Tour 2011, Perfect Form Tour 2012 и Face the Reality Tour 2013.

Макс — вокал
Алекс — гитара, продакшн
Игорь — бас
Вадим — барабаны

Ссылки:vk | facebook | youtube | bandcamp

2) Well, once again the P.A. Hardcore scene shows what they are made of. Dysphoria, as you may know from my last review of them, are one of the best bands in the P.A. scene right now. They are from the Buckingham/Landsdale area in P.A. This band is really heavy and hard with some metal influences. Their music is really powerful and full of great dance parts and awesome breakdowns. If you are into Merauder, Blood For Blood, and bands along those lines, you will definitely take a liking to this band. They have a previous demo out called "You Wish You Tried", which has 6 songs on it.
Their most recent release which I am doing this review for is the album called "Hope Without Reason." There are 11 songs on it. The new songs on this album are great! All of you Dysphoria lovers out there WILL NOT be dissappointed at all with this CD. You better get it if you see it because it is great. This is a CD that you could listen to every day. The CD comes complete with lyrics, pictures, and a huge thanks list. Check it out, you might be in there!!
If you want to contact Dysphoria to play a show or get some of their merchandise, you can mail Chris at Dysphoria, P.O. Box 590, Buckingham, P.A. 18912. Or you can email them at forya@erols.com. They have alot of merchandise that you can get you hands on, like jackets, shirts, small or huge stickers, etc.. Definitely support these guys…

Gravity - Vocals
Neil - Guitar
Judd - Guitar
Kevin - Bass
Chris - Drums


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