"AURON" began it’s career in 2007, created by Roman Lepaev. An active concert
activity has been started in Russia. The band managed to perform at many festivals
with artists such as: Artem Styrov, Igor Kupriyanov, Alik Granovsky, Black Angel, 7B,
Kaak and others.
In September 2008 the band started to work with new frontman and absolutely
new songs for next Era of the band! There are four musicians in the band.
Two-week European autumn tour called AURON European Tour 2013: «Wanted
Dead or Alive» was held in 2013, sweeping the country: Ukraine, Poland, Germany,
Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.
Soon we filmed two videos – song "Spring" and instrumental composition "Prelude
in b-moll". Spring 2014 began with a 10-day tour across Russia - AURON Russian
Tour: "Spring Comes to This World".
03.06.2014 our single «Moonlight Trail» was is sued on radio stations in Europe
and Russia. In 2014 the band finally finished recording their debut album and now
it’s ready for release! The debut album was released in 2015 on the independent
label Ukrainian Metal Scrap Records. Releasedates: Ukraine: 29.01.2015; Russia:
03.02.2015; Worldwide: 05.02.2015; North&South America: 10.02.2015
Track list:
2.Word and deed
5.Prelude in H-moll
7.Heroes of last generation
8.Moonlight trail
9.Color dreams
11. Stranger (Russian version)
12. Heroes of last generation (Russian version)


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