Bassist and composer Fabio ZUFFANTI's recent project ARIES is a more mellow project, showing Fabio in a light-symphonic and romantic mood, in which he carries out his multi-instrumentalist capabilities with a warmer atmosphere than most of his previous work. The sound of ARIES is a specific mood, with light instrumentation and arrangements, and an atmospheric attitude. Compare this to lighter previous work of his if you will. The lineup for this project is Fabio Zuffanti on bass/guitars, Roberto Rigo on keyboards, Simona Angieloni on vocals, Pierpaolo Londo on drums, Carlo Barreca on flute, and Fabio Centarini on lead guitar.

The recent project is a warm and intricately arranged project distinct from most Italian symphonic prog, it's recommended.

If you're into Fabio's work, atmospheric art-rock, or Italian Symph in general, than check out ARIES.

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