Abelle is most well known for her magical afterhours sets. After years of experiments, she developed her own unique sound, a smooth blend of deeper, darker sides of techno and minimal house with a shade of modern disco, a gentle mix with a feminine touch, never clinging to any specific genre or music era. She loves playing long sets, guiding the audience through a trippy journey to the very last minutes of daylight, feeling the music to her fingertips.

Abelle started her DJ career in 2006, spent two years playing in various clubs, before she felt completely dissatisfied with Moscow's underground scene extremely lacking for contemporary electronic music. In year 2008 she was one of ideologists in opening a new nightclub Arma17, which almost immediately changed the way Moscow lives its nightlife. Today Abelle is a resident DJ in Arma17 and defines the club's policy in art direction.


20 мая, 2017