31 декабря, 2020
Информация о фестивале: 

Budafest - это много жанровый музыкальный фестиваль в Будапеште. Его последние составы включали в себя & nbsp; Скрим, Ричи Ахмеда, Солардо и другие.

Информация о событии: 

Budafest is an electronic music festival in the Hungarian capital. An all out party, the festival curates a lineup of creative DJs outside of the mainstream.  More than just a musical celebration, spread throughout the city in everything from thermal baths to party boats, Budafest brings the best of the city into the experience. With a number of events and settings, the festival is a choose your own adventure affair, allowing you to personalise your three days of music to get the most out of your time in Budapest. 

Место проведения

Hengermalom út 51
Hengermalom út 51 , Budapest , 1117 , Hungary