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AMF (Амстердамский музыкальный фестиваль) - это дом EDM, проходящий в голландской столице. Партнерство с DJ Mag, это то, где публикация раскрывает ежегодные рейтинги.

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AMF (Amsterdam Music Festival) is the home of EDM, taking place in Dutch Capital. Partnered with DJ Mag, this is where the publication reveals it yearly rankings. With The Netherlands linked to the electronic genre like no other country, it only makes sense that this is where the vaunted Top 100 DJs list is announced. As has become tradition, AMF takes place in Johan Cruijff ArenA, which is the biggest indoor venue in The Netherlands.

Место проведения

Johan Cruijff ArenA
ArenA Boulevard , Amsterdam , 1101 , Netherlands